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The Clinical Applications for the Er, Cr:YSGG Laser System

This book is organized into nine sections including operative dentistry, pediatric dentistry, soft tissue procedures, and oral surgery.

iPlus Clinical Procedures: Hard Tissue & Soft Tissue (Laser Analgesia)

An educational DVD featuring the Chen Laser Philosophy for Laser Analgesia using the iPlus

World-Renowned Seminars

Dr. Chen himself is world-renowned for his knowledge and skill in laser dentistry. He is the most traveled and most experienced Waterlase lecturer and trainer, having lectured in over 16 countries.

In depth publications

Dr. Chen provides step-by-step instructions on various cases demonstrating the use of laser without the need of injected anesthesia. Dr. Chen's philosophy is clear within is in depth teachings.


Chen Laser Institute provides five different courses multiple times throughout each year. Dr. Chen educates doctors to use Lasers in their practice to boost their confidence in "No Shot, No Pain" laser dentistry.

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Mission Statement

Chen Laser Institute is dedicated to the study, research, education and training of dental colleagues and their dental team on the use of laser dentistry at its highest level of proficiency. The Institute will establish guidelines and standards of use in laser dentistry based on the revolutionary. No shot, no pain, no stress, no strain is the foundation of our clinical excellence. We will strive to explore, research and discover cutting-edge techniques, and document, record and teach these techniques to all laser users. The Institute will work with leading dental laser experts to help standardize and teach techniques in different disciplines. Training will be conducted with only the most sophisticated dental equipment and technologies available.

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Chen Laser Institute is a training institution for dental colleagues learning to use lasers in dental procedures.

Founded and directed by Dr. William H. Chen, DMD, MAGD, the Chen Laser Institute is a training institute for dental colleagues learning to use lasers in dental procedures. The office is equipped with highly sophisticated equipment and the latest laser technology.

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